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Florida Boating Accidents

There are thousands of boat slips in Panama City and Destin area representing yachts, sailboats, fishing and ski boats. Jet Skiers and vacationers from Florida and other states all the way to Destin, Santa Rosa and Rosemary Beaches take advantage of the Florida Inland Waterway and the warm Gulf Coast waters currents on a daily basis. Boating is an enjoyable pastime, recreational activity, or occupational necessity for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people in the U.S. Unfortunately, boating like any other form of transportation or recreational activity can have its mishaps.

Whether it’s from a mechanical error or an error in someone’s judgment, people need to take their responsibility of owning a boat very seriously as it can affect themselves and other people in innumerable ways. People’s carelessness and negligence, while operating a boat, is only the beginning that can cause any one of a number of boating accidents such as collisions, explosions, fires, capsizing, falls overboard and sinking or flooding.