Florida Trucking Accidents

The competent and aggressive work of the Law Offices of Craig J. Brown, P.A. has led to successful resolutions of many Florida truck accident cases whether by a jury verdict or settlement agreement. This law firm has extensive experience handling serious and catastrophic truck, tractor-trailer and commercial motor vehicle accidents state wide. The Law Offices of Craig J. Brown, P.A. has represented the victims of Florida truck accidents and those involved in truck accidents throughout the State.

From their experience in handling truck accident cases, the Law Offices of Craig J. Brown, P.A. knows that a full understanding of the details associated with a truck accident case is imperative when handling and pursuing a truck accident case. This law firm not only understands the many differences between pursuing a truck accident case versus an auto accident case, but also have proven time and time again that their knowledge of the laws regulating the trucking industry have proven invaluable to the firm’s past and current clients.

It is important for you to begin protecting yourself immediately following a truck accident (tractor-trailer or any other commercial motor vehicle). The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require motor carriers (trucking companies) to retain many documents or items following an accident involving one of their trucks. As a result, trucking companies will often have an investigator at the scene of the accident within hours, potentially while the involved vehicles are still at the scene of the accident and possibly, before law enforcement makes it to the accident location. In addition, many of the documents the trucking company is required to keep are time-sensitive. This means that the trucking company may discard or throw away some materials some time after the accident. Thus, it is very important for the victim of a truck accident to contact a Florida truck accident attorney following an accident involving a tractor-trailer or any other type of commercial motor vehicle.

Automobiles are many times forced to share roads and highways with domineering large trucks. Unfortunately, when a large truck is involved in an accident, the ramifications are dire. While most trucking accidents occur at high speeds on the highway, even low-speed trucking accidents can have catastrophic results. These calamitous consequences are what distinguish these accidents from all others.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Service Administration, in 2004 there were:

  • 4,862 large trucks involved in motor vehicle accidents

  • 5,190 fatalities

  • 134,052 non-fatal crashes

  • 62,896 injury crashes

  • 91,406 injuries

Truck accidents present a unique challenge and complexity not typically found in other types of wrecks. Before sorting out the various experts that will be needed to prove the catastrophic injuries, experts should be consulted regarding liability and a reconstruction expert should be called while evidence is still fresh. Satellite GPS records and electronic control modules need to be identified and read before they are destroyed – usually within 90 days as a standard operating procedure for most companies.

Our experience allows us to foresee what legalities you can expect to face and can help you find justice no matter how evasive it may seem after experiencing a devastating accident. We will personally handle all aspects of your case to ensure you have the best possibility to receive due compensation.


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